AI to impact the Digital World

Ever imagined there could be a system as smart as a human could be? Or smarter than mankind could be? And soon, it’ll be possible where a computer can take a better decision than a person can take! We live in a digital age and expect anything to happen at tip of a thought and will happen at the earliest possible time.

A machine is smart as a human! Sounds like fiction? But that’s soon going to be a reality. The future is Artificial Intelligence – the tech smart society. The Tech world is running to be ahead of one another in having the next breakthrough in the field of smart intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a growing area of computer science that emphasizes the development of intelligent machines and systems that work and reacts like human intelligence. Artificial intelligence systems are developed specifically to applications such as speech recognition, machine controls, decision making, optimization of operations and it costs, etc.

AI is an intelligent system and also it is continuously in the learning process. It has the ability to adopt new thoughts and way of thinking based on the situation it is employed in. The never ending human errors gave rise to the development of an unbiased decision making system known as Artificial Intelligence.

Need for AI

  1. A smart system that keeps continuously analysing the performance of a car and take decision to halt if the driver suffers a cardiac arrest and informs to the nearest hospital and to the local authorities.
  2. An intelligent system that helps recognising the speech and converting it to the local language, thereby assist in taking better decisions regarding National Security – Translation.

AI is definitely going to be the future due its decision making ability.

AI to Enhance Business Opportunities

It might look funny to hear that the world of internet is trying innovative ways to make sure people click on the ads. That’s called Marketing, Digital Marketing. Internet is an amazing space to market products and services. And Internet is here to stay and grow more and more advanced every day. Everything about Internet is Content. Content Sells.

There are a lot of things to share with the world – Information. It is the base of Digital Marketing. Tell Stories. Getting people to try a product and use a service. This has enabled Beyondweb in understanding the customer needs and demands to increase traffic and sell stories and dreams.

Simple Case study!

We all compete everyday in Digital Space to be on top of Search Engine Result! We do research on same, try to optimize our content using better keywords, checking competitors listings and ranking, lot of hassles right?

Give it a thought? There is a system that helps reduce the hassles to nil. Though the words ‘Revenue’ and ‘Income’ can be brought to the same context, the number of keyword searches are very much different and the AI helps you in picking the right word! AI can be everywhere and also in Digital Marketing. Artificial intelligence will certainly make an impact in the digital world which is discussed in the next section.

AI Impact on Digital Marketing

The impact of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is about to be realized as technology is still in the initial phases and has more potential ahead. Adopting AI in digital marketing helps in standardizing content, thereby increasing business values. Here are the examples of few things that can be expected through AI in content marketing space.

Predictive Analysis

It would look strange and amazing if your computer suggest you to go with the reply for a mail. It looks like the computer is reading your mind and suggesting the same thing that is running in your mind. Do not panic. There is a logic behind these things and there is no magic. Every time you go online, you leave a certain amount of digital footprint.

For example, consider you are replying to a congratulatory mail that you received and the mail provider is suggesting you who to go on with a reply that’s running through your mind. The suggestion is as a result of your earlier replies to you similar mails. The AI tools hosted by the service provider continuously analyses your pattern of communication to assist you with your mails.

Email marketing

With the advent of social media and search engine marketing, email marketing may look too conventional but it is still an efficient marketing channel. AI can make this system more efficient. Is it viable to you expect a reaction for a mail that contains solar products be sent to a person who is obsessed with fashion world? Marketing emails aren’t free! You need to pay for every mail you send out. And you need to send it to the right person to increase efficiency of the channel.

AI continuously studies user behaviour and provide you with the right set of emails to promote your products and services. Not just with providing you with the right clients but also provide with the metrics tools to analyse the performance of your campaigns.


Real time chatting tools empower businesses to communicate with their visitors in real time. This enables businesses to connect immediately and provide them with the solution they are looking for. Businesses do not 24×7 but website is live all throughout. How would you react to a visitor in your non-working hours?

Chatbots are here to help with your visitors in such times. Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence continuously learn the patterns of behaviours of visitors and continuously evolve to interact with them and collecting their contact information to enable future communications.


The more common and biggest issue in the digital space is the theft of content from one website to another, otherwise called Plagiarism. These kinds of Unethical behaviour not just degrades website performance but also businesses. AI continuously checks the content theft using comparison architecture to scan throughout the open digital space to ensure the content is genuine to your own website or applications.

Content Curation

AI can be employed as a tool to correct the contents for spelling and grammar and also to compile them by reducing the size of the content and making it crisp and tidy. For example, consider a webpage that contains a line ‘The money required to run day to day business shall be covered by daily sales…’. This Statement can be replaced by ‘The Working Capital shall be covered by daily sales.’ This is how the ability of AI can be enhanced by allowing systems to learn continuously through experiences.

The future Trends

  1. Since AI is still in a budding phase, it’s potential is being explored in all fields of life from agriculture to rocket science.
  2. AI will soon be part of daily routines of the life of the people.
  3. AI created smart environment across people and makes life easier than ever.

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