Virtual Reality-A way for your brand success in 2019

What is Virtual Reality(VR)?

We are living in an era of technology where everything we hear is more or less connected to technology. We have grown too faster from the age of the computer to the age of the internet. We wake up to the beep of an alarm, a technology and we sleep after switching off the laptop, again a magic of technology. Further to add on to the miracle of technology, Our tech savvy’s have found something amazing called Virtual Reality.

The Virtual Reality is an artificial environment which is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and takes it as a real environment. The best virtual realities can immerse the user completely. Here the point is VR should not be confused with simple 3-D environments that are found in computer games. The system responsible for running the virtual environment must track the user’s motion, especially the head and eye movements through which it can react and change the images on the display or act on any related events.

How do the things work in Virtual Reality?

The primary object of VR is to stimulate the vision. Every VR headset aims to perfect their approach to creating an immersive real environment. Every headset puts up a screen in front of eyes thus, ignoring any interaction with the actual world. Two autofocus lenses are placed between the screen and the eyes that get adjusted based on individual eye movement and positioning. The visuals on the screen can be either by using a PC or a mobile phone.

The certain requirements to create an immersive reality are:

  • A frame rate of minimum 60fps
  • An equally competent refresh rate and minimum 100-degree field of view (ideal to be 180 degrees)

Here the frame rate can be defined as the rate at which the GPU can process the images per second and screen refresh rate is the pace of the display to render images. FOV is the extent to which the display can be used to support eye and head movement. In case either of these doesn’t work as per requirement, the user can experience the too much time gap between their actions and the response from the screen. The ideal response time needs to be less than 20 milliseconds to trick the brains which can be achieved by taking together all the above factors at the right proportion. There is another issue which has to be given importance here is to prevent tearing i.e cybersickness resulting due to the inconsistency between the frame rate and refresh rate. In case the GPU’s fps is more than the screen refresh rate then the image can become distorted. To come over this issue, the frame rate must be limited to the monitor’s refresh rate. Generally, this is done using a technology called Vertical Sync (VSync).

The below stats shows the real picture of Virtual Reality since 2014. The survey conducted by KZero, shows the active users of VR from different sectors speaks about the power of Virtual Reality.

How do the things work in Virtual Reality?

How Virtual Reality impacts your Business?

In the present era there are more consumers who are in urge to see the power of virtual reality . According to Greenlight Insights 62% of consumers says that they would feel more engaged with a brand that gives  a Virtual Reality experience to its consumers and 71% of consumers have a thought that brand is forward-thinking if it uses virtual reality. These statistics provides the rough idea on how virtual reality becomes necessary for the business in the near future. So, let’s try to understand the impact of Virtual Reality to the business.  

E-Commerce is redefined with VR

E-Commerce is redefined with VR

In E-Commerce, using the “Shoptical” cardboard VR viewer, customers are treated to a personalized experience that brings the in-store experience to them online at any time and anywhere.  When customers add items to their cart, shoppers are shown a series of related products, creating a continuous shopping experience directed by their personal preferences and shopping history.  When customers shop with the Shoptical, customers can experience the products from every angle with the freedom to move, rotate, and zoom in on them however they choose. This can help to gain trust over online shopping.

VR can be the future of Content Marketing

VR can be the future of Content Marketing

We all know how the content is used by brands to communicate with their customers.  The major brands used content to give the real experience of their product to the customers. But now the technology has changed even though content remains the king, the style of presentation will change the whole of content marketing. The companies started using Virtual Reality to tell their story and give the real experience of their product.

Training is much useful with the help of VR

As virtual reality provides immersive, engaging and highly interactive experience, the major companies are looking forward to training their employees through virtual reality.  United Parcel Service (UPS) a multinational package delivery company is United States has already announced that it would start training their delivery drivers to spot and identify road hazards using VR headsets that gives the experience of driving on city streets.

A big boon to Product prototyping

Companies will be able to use Virtual Reality to better visualize and design the product that they are developing unlike before. With the introduction of VR company’s product can be precisely designed, analyzed for its functionality, and can also be modified multiple times even before it is sent to production. The company’s decision makers and the product’s end users will also be able to give some useful feedback about the product which can be insisted on the product in the initial stages of development.

A Way for efficient business travel and meetings

A Way for efficient business travel and meetings

All you need is a VR headset. Now we can save our business travelling time by attending the meeting just sitting right in the office and the meetings go quick and efficient with the VR technology. It can save more time and be a productive asset for our business communication.

Human Resource department will be happy

The Virtual Reality will help the HR department in taking the interviews of candidates who have applied for a job.  The department will be able to interview the candidates from different locations face to face in a virtual conference room, where the HR heads can also observe the facial expressions and body languages of the candidates. Further, large companies can have remote offices for candidates to use the infrastructure and participate in the interview or discussions.

Thus, Virtual Reality is going to be the yet another technology which will take the business a step forward in the coming future. All you need to do is update yourself and get ready to find the tremendous changes in all most all the business fields. It’s not only going to change the way we business but in the meantime, it is going to save our time and energy and increase one’s productivity.